//Don’t get caught up in trends, get caught up in yourself

Don’t get caught up in trends, get caught up in yourself

Be original

I see this too often online, where someone has a big following and is very successful and then everyone starts to mimic the look & feel of this persons branding and/or persona. There are so many things wrong with this.

Your branding needs to be authentic and genuine to you. So if you are just copying someone else’s style, it’s just not going to ever feel right for you. Something will feel OFF about it. And guess what? Your audience isn’t going to be able to connect with you because you are not putting yourself out there. Have you ever heard the phrase: Your vibe attracts your tribe? This only works if your vibe is authentic to you. So moral of the story is to do the work and gure out who you are as a brand, and don’t copy someone else.

Be orIgInAl

In addition to being authentic, you need to create your own original artwork. You can NOT take graphics from Google……I’m going to say this again because I think a lot of people know this but do it anyways. You can NOT take graphics from Google. It is illegal. It will not be unique to you and your brand. If you are working with a good designer they will know this. If you are DIY’ing your logo, there are so many resources out there to help you achieve this, at a very minimal cost to you. Check out some of these sites: Creative Market, Canva, iStockphoto, Fontsquirell.

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